• The Outdoor Code which captures the essence of the Oath and Law on the outdoors and establishes our aspirations and commitment to service:


  • The Principles of Leave No Trace for non-morotorized actvities supports the Outdoor Code by provding us specific guidelines and skills when acting in the outdoors.


  • The Tread Lightly! principles for motorized/mechanized activities and shooting sports provide us with supplemental tools and skills for our more dynamic program areas.


  • The Land Ethic which challenges us to be committed to conservation and stewardship of the environment.  The Land Ethic extends our concern beyond our fellow Scouts and Venturers, our families and friends, and even humanity itself to the entire environmental community of which we are a part—the deserts, forests, fish, wildlife, plants, rocks, oceans and web of life encompassing them—what Aldo Leopold called “The Land.”


Through the Outdoor Code,Tread Lightly! and the Principles of Leave No Trace, we can take responsibility for our own impacts, provide leadership to those around us to reduce their impacts by making good choices, and together help preserve and conserve our rich environmental heritage.



Ethical behavior is doing the right thing when no one else is watching - even when doing the wrong thing is legal." - Aldo Leopold


Outdoor Code

The Outdoor Code changed in 2012. Do you know what changed?

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Leave No Trace

There are 7 principles of Leave No Trace.  Can you name them?

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Tread Lightly!

There are 5 principles of Tread Lightly!.  Can you name them?

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The Land Ethic

Do you know what we mean by the Land Ethic?

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